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Wet n' Wild by ShironeMai

Magi: Aladdin by ShironeMai

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Chibi Request Batch ~1~ by ShironeMai
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Will reopen from
:bulletgreen: Dec. 1st to 14th :bulletgreen:

CHIBI requests of whatever your heart so desires you want me to chibify.

It can be your OC, a fan art character, a monster, Miley Cyrus… ANYTHING I honestly don't care - Just send me a note of your request with at least one full body reference picture or an extremely in depth description :)

Just a precaution, I might change the media I use with each chibi (color pencil, pencil, markers, etc.) for technique and style testing uses (or I just run out of a certain media ^^;). Therefore, the decision of what medium I use to draw your chibi is completely up to me and you have no decision whatsoever on that choice. So just be aware of that :)

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Icecream Love Stamp by wangqrMeat Lover Stamp by wangqrSushi Love Stamp by wangqrVintage Japan Stamp by GasaraVintage France Stamp by GasaraVintage UK Stamp by GasaraVintage France Stamp by GasaraAfternoon Tea Love by GasaraDrawing by TheDeathOfSenI Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJDisney Stamp by StampMakerLKJI Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJDream stamp by smilekeeperRamen Love Stamp by Kezzi-RoseViolin by pjuk
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Inspiration Artist TAG

Thu Nov 20, 2014, 1:43 AM

Found this meme from Hetiru so I thought why not do it since it seems fun and interesting :)

Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange 
-Choose at least 10 artists that inspire you and tell us why 
-Show at least 5 deviations from those artists that you love
-Tag at least 10 artists 

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange 

Although I adore every single one of the artists I watch, the artists mention here are the people who have both inspired and some way or another influenced my art :iconilikeitplz: (aka, the artists I stalk the most....)

They are: 

You've probably have heard of him since he was the original character art designer of Guilty Crown. But other than that, this artist has been one of my greatest inspirations in getting out of my artblocks and constantly blowing my mind in his amazing character designs.
supernova2 by redjuice999GELATIN 2010 Spring by redjuice999Flower Secret by redjuice999Kaorihime standing pose by redjuice999SAYONARA Memories by redjuice999

Honestly, I go to this guy usually for pose and anatomy inspiration/reference since he's pretty awesome at that. In addition, his blend between anime and marvel/american art styles is what really sets him apart from other artists in which I truly adore about him:) Although I do love his digital works, I still can't withdraw myself from his traditional works as well :iconchuuplz:
Pepper Empress by ArtgermMatoi Original Commission by ArtgermSamus Aran Original Art by ArtgermWicked by ArtgermJustice Mag - Catwoman by Artgerm

A pretty recent found artist but definitely not one to miss. I think I discovered him through a kingdom hearts fanarts or something(?) and ever since then I've been basically stalking his every submitted piece :iconiloveitplz: So every time he submits a specific fanart I like, I basically drool over the entire thing, ingraining every detail into my memory then favorite it for later drooling^^; I just love how it's both very anime(ish) yet a touch of realism to balance :) 

Rita Vrataski by KR0NPR1NZX23 by KR0NPR1NZChie Satonaka sketch by KR0NPR1NZP3P sketch by KR0NPR1NZHachiko by KR0NPR1NZ

Another somewhat recent found artist with AMAZING MARKER COLORING SKILLS HOLY CRAP :iconcannotunseeplz:  This artist is by far my biggest inspiration and reference in my coloring skills. She is my goal in hopes of reaching that level one day of truly mastering copic markers and traditional coloring in general.
::: Phinea ::: Commission to Miaow by NilooDELoreley the mermaid by NilooDEDokomi Motiv by NilooDEAdriano Character Illustration by NilooDEPower Walk To The Palace by NilooDE

This artist was one of the first artists I've watched when I first joined DA (about 2 or 3 years ago).  Though she is leaning towards digital media currently, the time when I first watched her, her entire gallery was filled with great traditional works!  She was also the person that made me aware of copic markers so it was because of her that I even started using copic markers :)  So luleiya will always keep a little space in my heart as being one of my first role models and inspirations :iconilikeitplz:
. doll . by luleiya:: L U L E I L :: - Tsubasa fanbook cover by luleiyaHakka no Togame by luleiya. opposites attract . by luleiya. only time will tell . by luleiya

Another copic marker inspiration.
I think what I've always loved about her is just how happy and cute all her art pieces.  In addition, the great clothing designs and precision she puts into her works.  Everything about her just screams HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and CUTE CUTE CUTE :iconilikeitplz:
APPLE by cartoongirl7Queen of Hearts by cartoongirl7You promise? by cartoongirl7Carrot? by cartoongirl7GAME ON by cartoongirl7

Not sure how long I've watched this guy but either way, he's awesome! And of course, he is another copic marker role model as well to me.  All of his pieces have such tremendous detail and expression that I can really get tired of looking at his gallery a million times ^^; I especially love his sketch dumps and little comics because they all have great expressions and poses :D
Testing Paper by Tamasaburo89Air Gear - Ikki by Tamasaburo89Accordion by Tamasaburo89Green by Tamasaburo89Pyramid Head by Tamasaburo89

Bright colors, strong expression, and confident pieces :) 
This artist is another inspiration of mine that has brought me out of quite a few artblocks and has been a great (I guess) side resource whenever I'd like to be inspired by something a little bit more diverse :iconilikeitplz:
130519 synthetic by bara-chan130118 amagi by bara-chan121230 jinjing by bara-chan130112 sweets by bara-chan140721 chibi by bara-chan

Oh my god I freak'n love this artist :iconiloveitplz:
She is definitely another inspiration of mine whom I  love her genderbends and fanarts. They give off a completely different look and feel to the original characters previously.
Red Haired Samurai by sakimichanPrince mononoke by sakimichanOut of water by sakimichanMaleficent by sakimichanAlex in wonderland by sakimichan

Okay, gonna end this with an artist which you probably know...
Yuumei has been pretty famous on DA for her greatly deep-felt pieces that have some way or another touched our hearts.  With her somewhat dramatic background, she has incorporated her experiences (be it bad or good) and beliefs into every piece with great message(s).  I don't think I can put into proper words how much this artist has truly expressed persistence and endurance into her art.  She will always be an inspiration to me for those great feelings she puts behind her works :)
Wonder by yuumeiThe Raven by yuumeiFisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumeiBlue Planet by yuumeiConnection by yuumei

Now I TAG ALL OF YOU to do this meme (if you want) to remember/look back on what your greatest inspirations are :)
Thank You:iconilikeitplz:

Skin by SimplySilent
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~ W E L C O M E ~

Welcome Free To Use by xC0DE666x

~ Shirone Mai (白音マイ) ~

Kawaii desu ka? by ShironeMai

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About Me

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Japanese | French | English | Scottish | German
Just a Eurasian artist that loves art and strives to get better everytime :D


"Shirone Mai" or 白音マイ is a pen name that my Japanese friend created for me that basically means "white sound Mai" when directly translated. "Shiro" (白)means the color white and is my favorite color. The kanji for "ne"(音)is sound which signifies my love for music. And "Mai" is my name. Therefore, combining everything would then result into "Shirone Mai." However my real nickname is Mai-chan (マイちゃん).

Other Hobbies and Interests

Taekwondo | Violin | Acting | Movies

Tools of the Trade

Copic Markers | Pencil | Paper | Hands | Brain
Very open to digital art until I get Photoshop :)

Favorite Movies

Avatar | Titanic | Chocolat | My Cousin Vinny | Hundred-Foot Journey | Maleficent | Howl's Moving Castle | Big Hero 6

Favorite Bands/Musical Artists

Michael Jackson | Queen | P!nk | David Garrett | Lindsey Stirling | Celine Dion | Carrie Underwood | Whitney Houston | Adam Lambert | Lady Gaga |
Lana Del Rey | Journey

Favorite Games

AVALON CODE | Kingdom Hearts | Harvest Moon | Fire Emblem Awakening | Animal Crossing

Favorite Anime/Manga

Code Geass | Skip Beat | Magi | Ao Haru Ride | Tokyo Ghoul | Attack on Titan | Gakuen Alice | Vampire Knight | Pandora Hearts | Soul Eater | Kuroko no Basket | Kamisama Hajimemashita | Immortal Rain | Inuyasha | Reborn

Favorite Mangakas

Sakisaka Io | Amano Akira | Lee Young-Yo | Yabuki Kentaro | Matsuri Hino | Yoshiki Nakamura | Takeshi Obata

Favorite Artists

Kazuki Yone | Disney | Haccan | Tetsuya Nomura | George Kamitani | redjuice999 | Tukiji Nao | Soejima Shigenori

:bulletpink:Thanks for visiting this page and I hope you enjoy!:bulletpink:

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